Heavy street metal


Urban logistics, with structure and comfort requirements
which corresponds to our expectations require some “heavy street metal” 
so even though many aren’t thrilled with the heavy traffic in the street scene
there is in many cases no alternative that matches our way of life.

From the streets of Liverpool UK.


All our garbage and waste don’t move by itself.


All the things we use to make ourselves comfortable often come from afar
container ships and trains can’t serve every corner of geography.


Public transport is a collective expectation or requirement – in urban settlements.


The fire department in the city of Liverpool on the road into action
expectations for response times in cities is razor sharp.

12 tanker om “Heavy street metal

  1. Absolutely fabulous post! 🙂
    I adore heavy metal! I’m at home in the streets. It’s a win win combination, in any order!
    Heavy Street Metal is an urban girl’s delight. 😎 😎

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