Idyllic way of traffic or nostalgia


Simple in a complex way or complicated in a simple way..?


Daily prompt: “Complex

Trams are still very fascinating, although the charming original look
it is replaced by a more streamlined modern but probably also safer look.
Many places in Europe, the trams were replaced by buses
some of these places they returned back again due to environmental considerations.

Trams seem to be easy to integrate into urban environment and traffic.


A video from november 2011 taken by Fred Collins in Blackpool UK:

15 tanker om “Idyllic way of traffic or nostalgia

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  8. Nostalgia! (Did I get the correct answer?) 😉
    Nonetheless, we have Streetcars in Toronto. It’s a love/hate hate ordeal. If you drive you hate them. If you take public transportation, you love them!

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