Oldies but goodies

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How old do something or someone have to be, to be ancient..? 

When I started school at age 6, the teachers were ancient – they were in their 30s.

When we previously sat in my filled kitchen and drank coffee in the afternoon
while I had a good time with my son and all his friends
they told about their ancient parents, so these parents were often younger than me.

What is the difference between closed, abandoned or left behind..?

Now a days there seems no difference while also the world of a difference.

Abandoned things often become fashionable and sometimes even work better
– than before it was abandoned.




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The inspiring cause of this thoughtfulness drawn from:

Weekly Photo Challenge “Abandoned

Travel Theme “Ancient

55 tanker om “Oldies but goodies

  1. Brilliant photos, as always, Drake. I think that is the first time I have seen one of those beautiful thatch and half timbered houses, abandonded! I have to ask: are these photos taken in Denmark? The ‘mølle’ is stunning!

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      • #.dina
        I see the mill every time I vistit my old parents, it’s located next to their home – funny to see the changes during the year – change of the weather and the surroundings, the mill itself is still the same… 🙂

    • #.jan masyn
      Thanks a lot – it’s the mill next to where my old parents live – the small danish island Samsø (Samsoe) – the mill is from Netherland and was rebuild on the present position in 1899 – it was active until the late 1950s… 🙂

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  9. A thought-provoking question there, indeed, when is something old or ancient? It depends on the POV, I guess. Loved the train shot and that little red car shot. Looks like there’s lots of stories to tell from them.

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

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    • #.bestdressup
      Yeah there have been spot on the mill before – I meet it every time I visit my old parents back in Denmark – it’s located next to their home… 🙂

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