The Santa in Derby UK

Flying parcel

Spent a day in Derby the other day, which is home to Mid Eastland Airport
watched the planes in a break between the two sessions.
Beside me stood a man with his little son. guess he was about 5 years (yeah the son).
The son asked what was on the plane
the father replied that it transported packages
“Just like Santa” asked the son.

Daily prompt: “Surreal


24 thoughts on “The Santa in Derby UK

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  5. I saw a DHL delivery van today while we were out and about…it never crossed my mind that it was a modern-day Santa! Have a wonderful weekend, Drake!

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    • #.hanna
      Faktisk en smart lille knægt, godt tænkt… 🙂

      Jeg synes lufthavne er så fascinerende og fyldt med atmosfære… 🙂

      Ha’ en forrygende weekend… 🙂

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