Formerly known as home


Flensburg 2

Flensburg Förde, meine historischen einlaß.
Flensburg Fjord, my historic inlet.
Fjord de Flensburg, mon anse historique

Flensburg 1

Our footprints in the sand are swept away over time.
but the impression of good childhood memories will never disappear
the area was for a period the home of the black danish drake – at that time a duckling
as seen so the city and the fjord still stands there
of course, much changed, but the atmosphere and the soul are still there.

Flensburg 6

Flensburg 4

Flensburg 5

Flensburg 3

– with lots of visits also with modern tourism.

Another ‘Le Drake Noir’ post about Flensburg “link

Daily prompt: “Home” (one of them)

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  13. Sweet memories of your “home”, beautiful photos. Where we had joyful days it continues to stay in our heart and be a safe place to rest in our mind even when we are physically far from it.

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