Where the fairy tale started

Samsø 5

The southern tip of the small danish island of Samsoe
where the island’s lighthouse warns seamen
built on the site where in the viking age were a fortress
ruin remains can still be seen in the slopes.
Nowadays the islanders would have as many guests as possible
before in ancient times so people inhabited these small islands to be left alone
so the fortress was like the lighthouse is, a warning to seafarers approaching the island
just on a whole different meaning.

Samsø 4

Self-sufficient energy.

Samsø 3

Idyllic fishing village atmosphere.

Samsø 2

Old local lime burner house.

Samsø 1

It was the island’s intercity bus for about 50 years ago, is still running now as tourist bus.


The dark red building, before it was ship victualling supplies warehouse
now there are toilets, bath and living facilities for sailors.

205 002

The public traffic is up to date.

11 004

Born on this island and lived there for the first 4-5 years
later on then my parents moved back and still lives there.

All photos taken the summer of 2013.

Daily prompt: “Home” (one of them)