Step by step


It is very tempting to dwell on things in the past
but it corresponds to shut ourselves inside a cave.
The good experiences them, we need to store and carry in our minds and not forget
but mustn’t live our lives in the past. 
Happiness is not living in a cave. 
Happiness is not a stationary state. 
Happiness are like pearls on a string, if we are lucky and believe in luck..
We can not enjoy the fabulous views from our life peaks
if we did not take the road up through the dark ravines and steep slopes.

Daily prompt “Linger

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hp photosmart 720

What comes easily disappears easily too
while “the real McCoy” is worth fighting for.

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  13. Very beautiful photos and “pearls” of wisdomin your words about life and happiness… I agree with you. Have a nice evening! 🙂

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