Lost in circles..?


A year is a full circle in four circles drive, so-called seasons
sometimes the circles are tangled with each other

01 86

Waves are actually a full circle, we often see only half.


Communication should be a full circle, but it is rarely seen.


Life is a full circle, no matter how small or big it may be.


Time goes by and we often lags behind, but maybe it runs in (full) circles..?


In many ways a (full) circle is stronger than a square
and probably easier to defend too.

CBBH Photo Challenge the april theme “Full circles
with inspiration from Marianne’s worth visiting blog “East of Málaga
as a extra part of this challenge includes to introduce 2 links
two bloggers of the large numbers of worth visiting WP’blogs.

Enjoy these:

Jimmy Photos”  –*–  ”Travel tales of life

29 tanker om “Lost in circles..?

  1. Drake how kind of you to share my blog with your readers. I appreciate it 🙂
    I am particularly fond of the circular nest. Clever with geometry those birds.

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  3. Great post, rich of ideas with beautiful and interesting photos… Well done Ledrake, you always charme me! 😉

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