A “boring” saturday

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An old cozy countryside inn in the Yorkshire UK area.

Daily prompt “Saturday Night
A opportunity of spending a saturday in a different way.

Needless to do the same thing every saturday or what ..?

Sometimes we can be led to believe that saturday could save the experience of the week
we can handle a bad week just the saturday is good
maybe that’s why there are many of us who have saturdays there are ritual like..?

We often chasing a mood rather than to create a mood ourselves.

An option to set the mood, could be a short weekend break at a small cozy inn
we don’t need to choose the most expensive
these are often included mood which isn’t homemade.

A perfect setting for pleasant twosomeness
so bring one you would like to spend a saturday together with
If we arrive on saturday at noon
then spent 2-3 hours to lovely walk in the surrounding countryside
no hurry, plenty of time for conversation and experiences in nature.

For tonight’s dinner we will meet people like ourselves
which also is here to create them a pleasant day
people we don’t know and which we probably never meet again
but whatever it’s probably wholesome to meet other than old Facebook friends.

After a sunday brunch, then back to the “real” world.

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12 tanker om “A “boring” saturday

  1. Very beautiful post, idyllic atmosphere, relaxing places… I wish I could pass a week-end like this, it is really a long time I’ve done it 😦 … Thanks to make me dream dear Drake.

  2. I am so impressed with this insight, :We often chasing a mood rather than to create a mood ourselves”. I usually chase with music, but ‘settings’ are very much a goal.
    Another great life illustration shown by you!

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