Return to sender

01 011

A mailbox from the royal danish postal service
ie no more, now it’s called the “Post Denmark” and is a semi-private business
by the way then letters, they are a dead end phenomenon
ousted by e-mail, mobil phones and everything else
people no longer writes letters to each other
even postcards are not as common as before.

The house behind the mailbox is actually where I was born many years ago
but that’s a whole other story.

Weekly Photo Challenge “Letters

07 001

The danish post office’s colors are red and yellow-orange
postal vehicles and postal bikes are yellow-orange
logo, postmen jackets, mailboxes and so on are red.

Unlike the good old days, so us who loved sending love letters to amazing girls
now we are considered to be living bog bodies
actually a shame, a handwritten letter, nothing is more intimate personalized.

38 tanker om “Return to sender

  1. Nice to see where you were born, Drake! A handwritten letter is indeed something special.
    Enjoy your weekend!

    Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company. ~Lord Byron

  2. I can’t help it, Drake. Whenever I see ‘return to sender’ I have to sing ‘she wrote upon it!’ 🙂

    Nice little house of yours. Nobody could ever read my writing so my love letters are probably not missed. Have a good weekend!

  3. Så er det heller ikke værre, Drake 🙂 HaHa Et mosefund. Men der er ikke noget bedre end at modtage et fysisk brev, ‘den anden’ har faktisk rørt ved brevet, og ladet det falde ned i en rød postkasse og givet arbejde til en masse mennesker – men det er en anden ting 🙂
    Mange gode hilsner til dig,

  4. I love that line ‘living bog bodies’ 🙂 Getting letters is a joy but remembering to get the reply down to the post office and sent can take some time. I’m so used to bumping off emails. Sending a letter feels like a special ritual

  5. It is sad that real, proper letters are disappearing. I enjoyed to write them a lot, had penpals, friends in different countries and opening the mailbox to find there handwritten bits and pieces of life from afar…a lovely surprise! Must admit I still do write a real letter or two…now and then and, luckily, receive some as well. 🙂

    • #.ese
      Yeah it’s a shame, because nothing beats handwrote letters… 😉

      In my youth I have a lot of penpals all over the world – now a days I still have contact with many – but now much of the writings are e-mails – in fact a bit of shame… 🙂

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  7. Some of the best friends I have were made initially as a penfriend writing letters. It certainly is a dying art, and before long, I fear people will lose the ability to form writing with their hands. They will only be able to take notes or write using a keyboard. Crazy!

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  9. It’s sad, but true… I still keep my first love letters and the letter my mom had written before she died… It breaks my heart thinking of grandparents waiting for special cards or letters their grandchildren would write to them… waiting in vain…
    We all are intimately connected by common values and habits and feel reluctant to change…
    Thanks for your beautiful words and pictures,

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  12. There´s nothing like receiving a personal letter in the mail box. I´ve always loved it, and my little boy turning into 4 years soon, loves it too. He loves to open the mail box, to see if there´s a letter for him. Sometimes he get´s sad, claiming that there never is a letter for him. Once in a while, there is a letter for him -either from his grandparents, or his father (living abroad). Then he happily runs up the stairs in eager for opening the letter.

    I´ve always loved writing the letters too. For the matter to express the right feelings, I´ve copied a citate from above in the thread … “Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company. ~Lord Byron”

    As for all your enthussiastic comments on the handwritten letter, we could make a new trend, start writing letters again 🙂 … As long as you wear a pen, you can write from everywhere.

    Have a great day!

      Yeah let’s restart writing letters… 😉

      Lovely story – I believe your son grow up as a person who knows
      writing letters and post them will connecting people… 🙂

      Thanks, really appreciate your words… 🙂

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