Detour as a shortcut

W 006

Sometimes we humans make bigger problems for ourselves than necessary
be alarmist or painting the devils face on the wall, it’s mostly called
dark prospects some would call this scenario
but why always try to climb over the problems ahead, often there’s a way around it.
Sometimes a detour is a shortcut.

Remember to always looks at the bright side of life
it might help whistling according to Monty Python.

Weekly photo challenge “Split-second story
*capture an image that tells a full story in a single frame*

By the way, so the photo is taken about a month ago in the southern german Bavaria.

Thoughts a cool friday

W 016

In a not so far distance of Kaysersberg, is seen above right
located in the Haut-Rhin part of Alsace in north-eastern France
the inhabitants are called kaysersbergeois
the name means Emperor’s Mountain in german laungage.

The first thought this friday when it was time for a break on the bike
I need a baguette with cheese and a glass of cool Alsace Gewurztraminer white wine.

W 017

The area is a paradise for storks.

Mini worldwide

89 005

Traveling swedes takes a break in a foreign harbor.

A post inspired from the always worth visiting Paula
Thursday’s Special “non-theme”: “Mini world

Ports were in the old days, a meeting point and an inferno of experiences
it was here that the great world outside the safe surroundings
it tumbled together with all small local worlds with plenty of both ways inspiring touches.

Nowadays, many ports are different – and often regarded as an “element of delay”
where ferries, container ships and fishing boats operate with rush-and-go tactics.

The old wonderful feelings those are to be found in marinas
among casual leisure people and adventurers from worldwide.

89 006

89 011

00 011

See clearly now

P 090

Memories can be widely different, likewise the reason we remember them
this photo from my latest bike ride in the Pyrenees, makes me still smile
at a time it was time to take a break – and enjoy the view
just while I took the photo it sounded in my ears from my walkman.

I can see clearly now the rain is gone.
I can see all obstacles in my way.
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind.
It’s gonna be a bright (bright)
bright (bright) sunshiny day.
It’s gonna be a bright (bright)
bright (bright) sunshiny day.

Oh, yes I can make it now the pain is gone.
All of the bad feelings have disappeared.
Here is that rainbow I’ve been praying for.
It’s gonna be a bright (bright)
bright (bright) sunshiny day.
*ong written by Johnny Nash*

Daily prompt “Memory on the menu

Sunshine walking

89 002

A monday walk and it was a monday walk yesterday on the tiny danish island of Samsø
arrived very late last night (sunday) with the last ferry to visit my aged parents
the island has about 3700 inhabitants with 5 churches plus 2 smaller annex churches.

The island’s “capital” and superior largest town has about 800 inhabitants
this town’s largest building is the local church – a larger village church
the church barn in front is actually one of the largest in Denmark
it’s from the time where all farmers paid the pastor’s salary with grain.

When I had to take a photo of the building, there was suddenly a man on a bike
the atmosphere is very jovial on the island, so he shouted ‘Hello, nice weather’
although we didn’t know each other – I only lived on the island my first 4 years
and then only for short periods – but small communities contain an openness
we don’t meet by living in big cities – probably a large part due to curiosity.

My inspiration comes from “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes
this island of Samsø is perfect for inspiring walking or even better biking.

89 001

90 001

10 004

10 002

Nature is always only a few steps away.

94 024

The harbor’s local fish shop attracts shoppers.

00 004

205 001

 The sea only a few steps away too.

12 005

01 36

Some believe this monday was a hot summer day..?

1 005

205 002

Yeah okay admit after walking about 15 km, so I join the bus home at my parents home.

I knew the bus driver, an old friend of mine.

Old warning on the square

P 097

This old thing on the Cuxhaven square, reminding us of a time long ago – and yet
the question is whether we have become wiser – whether we want to be smarter.

All fights shows probably just who is the strongest and not necessarily who is right ..?

Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind
(John F. Kennedy – former us-president

War does not determine who is right – only who is left
(Bertrand Russell – british philosopher)

Politicians take soldiers as hostages for their machinations
while soldiers are people like everyone else, sometimes intentionally misused
so any dissatisfaction should be directed at politicians.

Daily prompt “Break the silence” as the inspiring ‘kick’.