Back to start or forward to the end

P 002

Wondering if anyone can see the strange thing about traveling by train
broadly all trains running back and forth and passengers look most to the sides
so what is up or down on a train journey ..?

P 003

Humorous said so we don’t know whether we travel forward or backward..?

Life be understood backwards but must be lived forwards
(Soren Kierkegaard – danish philosopher)


Abandoned compartment in a railway wagon, only illusions left back.

CBBH Photo Challenge the may month theme “Looking forward, looking back
with inspiration from Marianne’s worth visiting blog “East of Málaga
as a extra part of this challenge includes to introduce 2 links
two bloggers of the large numbers of worth visiting WP’blogs.

Enjoy these:

Labomatique”  –*–  ”Jos Reimering

25 tanker om “Back to start or forward to the end

  1. How beautiful!
    I always loved traveling by train…I used to take the seat by the window and start daydreaming while colorful sceneries were changing with an almost musical rhythm….the sun, the wind in my hair, the smells, known places, unknown ones, too…passangers next to you,following the dance of their own thoughts…
    I tried to guess what they were thinking for so many times…
    Trains are like dreams…

  2. I read the quote several times Drake. It is so true isn’t it? We have to look forward, move forward and not be drawn to gazing at the past. Great post and i enjoyed it very much.

  3. Well, Camelia seems have talked for me too! 🙂 They are all the reasons I like travelling by train… I like even to sit backwards the way of travelling, so I have the sensation to see things disappear more slowly and to say them goodbye. I like the quote from Kierkegaard.

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