What a wonderful world

P 005

The world of an airport, here Copenhagen Airport a sunday.

The atmosphere at an airport could be a paradox
half of the visits are after all departures from something
yet there are almost always an unique positive mood
even though we might be all alone and could be abandoned and lost
so we glide almost automatically into an imaginary community.
What a wonderful world.
It’s the place where we in a split second makes eye contact with a pair of beautiful eyes
in the same split second we can send a smile to the woman behind the eyes,
that wont be misunderstood because the others know there’re no hidden agendas.
What a wonderful world.
As a male, we can also look at other men and get lots of inspiration
on which coats, jackets, handbags, computer bags or shoes
which we definitely would not buy ourselves.
What a wonderful world.