Apologies, again and again

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Apologies to return again and again.

The majority leave Paris with the desire to return soon.

Respirer Paris cela conserve l’âme
*The breathe of Paris preserves the soul*
(Victor Hugo – french poet)

Daily prompt “No apologies

23 tanker om “Apologies, again and again

  1. Such a wonderful city… so much beauty and creativity.. I could go on and on. Although the time I went to Paris I must say I couldn’t wait to leave. 9/11 had just happened and I was stranded far away from home and just wanted to get back across the ocean. I look forward to my next visit.

    • #.diahann
      I do not think charms can be bought and Paris has charm… 🙂

      Yes this date created many problems – hope your next visit will be in a more harmonious and idyllic atmosphere… 🙂

  2. Oui oui oui!! That quote of Hugo is true… I feel like that about Paris. I visited it 8 times and I’m planning to go back again as soon as I can. I’m in love with Paris. Thanks for all the images you post. 😉

    • #.laura
      Yeah Hugo was a wise man, he was a part of the reason why I learned french as start teenager – so I could read him in his own laungage… 🙂

      I’m just as crazy as you – love Paris – visited the city of cities a lots of times – I have lived for a while in France twice – but not Paris, (Colmar 2½ year and Narbonne about a year)… 🙂

      • Well you are luckier than me… my longest “while” in France was just a little month, when I was studying French, at the University times… il y a un siècle :-)) and stayed near Dijon for 3 weeks and in the Yvelines for 1 week. All the other times no more than a week… 😦

  3. ciao! yout post brought another vicyor hugo quote to mind-to love beauty is to see light. he knew that paris was the city of lights and the soul must be filled with light. there are moments in paris that fill the soul. no apologies necessary. see you there 🙂

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