At first sight

P 046

Navigable channel where Paris is built over, won’t be seen at first sight.

Beauty is all very well at first sight
but whoever looks at it when it has been in the house three days..?
(George Bernard Shaw – irish literary critic, playwright and essayist)
*1925 Nobel Prize for Literature*

Daily prompt “At first sight

At first sight – a romantic concept at the highest level
logical, objectively, chemically and mathematical point of view
there may be lots of common sense in this concept
a mixture of the heart and brain
but perhaps the world around us become too fast
for these two always manage to go together
we are bombarded with impressions of media and environments
so we lose some of our overview and for a split second forget listening to our inner voice.

P 045

Écluse de l’Arsenal – at first sight is not the way to the french temptations
but actually it is one of the keys to the parisian delights from the riverside.

P 044

These green people beyond the colorful clothes seems not important at first sight
but they know their city better than most and clean the city in the early morning
so it is nice and welcoming when we wake
then we can use the rest of the day to make the streets of Paris soiled again.

P 043

At first sight so Paris often hits both our brain and heart.

17 tanker om “At first sight

  1. It’s so true what you’ve written! All… I was 17 years old when I saw Paris for the first time and it hit my brain and my heart for ever… 😉

  2. Paris, France… again?!… 😉 I lived in Paris for several years, I did travel quite a lot, but Paris is UNIQUE… 🙂 sunny greetings from Toulouse and have a positive week, mon canard noir! 🙂

    • #.mélanie
      I’m a lucky man visiting Paris several times every year – I lived in Colmar once (2½ year) and in Narbonne for almost a year – your part of France is wonderful, I visits the Pyrenees and Andorra every year, one of my old childhood friends lives there… 🙂

  3. Interesting reflections and photos on how beauty doesn’t necessarily fade but the eye stops to see it after too many second glances… and that sometimes some things really are more beautiful than they seem.

    • #.diahann
      So glad you enjoy it, really do appreciate – we are all people of habit even those who think they aren’t – perhaps we should appreciate these thing which we are happy or satisfied with – probably they would be stronger and be clearer in our minds… 🙂

      When we take something for granted, then it goes often wrong… 🙂

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