Old warning on the square

P 097

This old thing on the Cuxhaven square, reminding us of a time long ago – and yet
the question is whether we have become wiser – whether we want to be smarter.

All fights shows probably just who is the strongest and not necessarily who is right ..?

Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind
(John F. Kennedy – former us-president

War does not determine who is right – only who is left
(Bertrand Russell – british philosopher)

Politicians take soldiers as hostages for their machinations
while soldiers are people like everyone else, sometimes intentionally misused
so any dissatisfaction should be directed at politicians.

Daily prompt “Break the silence” as the inspiring ‘kick’.

15 tanker om “Old warning on the square

  1. As bad old Hermann Göring said, the common people have no interest in war. Who in their right minds would want to leave their farms and cities to risk being blown up, stabbed or shot, with the only possible reward being that they could return home in (hopefully!) one piece?

    Unfortunately, leaders have a host of reasons for going to war: Greed for more land and more people to rule, to divert attention from problems at home, to loot foreign lands to pay for excesses at home, etc. And a smart leader (which means just about any leader, since they would have to be smart enough to become a leader!) can always coax their people into war: By telling the people that they have been attacked, by encouraging them to seek revenge, to strike before the “enemy” can strike, by denouncing pacifists for being “un-patriotic”, etc.

    (You can find the actual Göring quote at the bottom of this page: http://www.snopes.com/quotes/goering.asp. I am certainly no fan of Göring 🙂 but he was a clever politician and a lot smarter than many people think.)

    • #.john galt
      Agree a lot with you, really appreciate your words – 🙂

      I absolutely dislike Goering, but history shows clearly that we shouldn’t underestimate the political (and other) opponents – by explain it concerns idiocy, it’s very dangerous – even idiots we need to take seriously – that voters are “idiots” are certainly an open secret and politics is perhaps half a propoganda and marketing – perhaps more than half – a huge shame that voters can’t visualize politicians correctly and that voters forget so quickly as they do.

      But it doesn’t remove the fact that we actually sometimes can learn from people we detest and who we are disgusted of their attitude.

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