Mini worldwide

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Traveling swedes takes a break in a foreign harbor.

A post inspired from the always worth visiting Paula
Thursday’s Special “non-theme”: “Mini world

Ports were in the old days, a meeting point and an inferno of experiences
it was here that the great world outside the safe surroundings
it tumbled together with all small local worlds with plenty of both ways inspiring touches.

Nowadays, many ports are different – and often regarded as an “element of delay”
where ferries, container ships and fishing boats operate with rush-and-go tactics.

The old wonderful feelings those are to be found in marinas
among casual leisure people and adventurers from worldwide.

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13 tanker om “Mini worldwide

  1. Beautiful marina shots 🙂 Where did you take it? The colour of water reminds me of Wolfgangsee in Austria (of a marina in Sankt Gilgen). Thank you very much Drake for showing me your mini world 🙂

    • #.paula
      It’s from my danish native island, Samsø – these days so I tumble around in my ‘mini’ world – last weekend I was at an old friend’s 50th birthday in german Cuxhaven – here in the middle of the week, I visited my very elderly parents a few days and is today thursday (it’s a public holiday in Denmark) join a party at an old friend of mine on the island, the protestant confirmation of his daughter – later in the evening I gonna fly to France for another friend’s 50 year birthday – a buzy world… 😉

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    • #.diahann
      Yeah in the old days, it was the gateway to the world outside
      and they were very very buzy places with many many people… 🙂

      This has change very much, now a days the world is moving much faster.

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