On the edge of the bavarian Alps

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Bavarian city walk on the edge of the Alps.

The city of Berchtesgaden in Bavaria in the southern Germany near the border to Austria
about 30 km south of Austrian Salzburg and 180 km southeast of Munich.
Berchtesgaden is often associated with the famous Watzmann mountain
which, with its 2,713 m is the third highest mountain in Germany.

Visited this city, in connection to a private party, from friday to sunday
went for a walk around in the city, saturday morning after 2-3 black coffees
also with an ulterior motive for the monday challenge
the inspiring challenge from creative “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes
this area is perfect for inspiring walking with beautiful architecture and surroundings.

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Common  bath for those who are early out the feathers or something like that ..?

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Uplifted contrasts

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The Watzmann a mountain in the bavarian Alps south of the village of Berchtesgaden
it is the third highest in Germany, and the highest located entirely on german area
the two higher are located with the peaks exactly at the german-austrian borderline.

The three main peaks along a ridge on the mountain’s taller western half:
Hocheck (in english High Edge) 2.651m
Mittelspitze (in english Middle Peak) 2,713m
and Südspitze (in english South Peak) 2,712m.

The Watzmann massif also includes the 2307 m Watzmannfrau
(in english Watzmann Wife)
and the Watzmannkinder (in english Watzmann Children)
five lower peaks in the recess between the main peaks and the Watzmannfrau.

One of the lower peaks (1.800m) in the area is known for a fortress built by Hitler
“Kehlsteinhaus” or “Adolf Hitler’s Eagle Nest”
today a museum and a warning and learning about how bad thing goes if we don’t care.

The entire massif located inside the Berchtesgaden National Park.

Weekly photo theme “Contrast“ coincided with a visit in this area from friday to sunday
and the fact that mountains and their surrounding area is full of contrasts
perhaps many more than we are aware of – it was the inspiring kick.

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A hot summer day but then an ice hard snowbank overtly left in the sunshine.

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Calling for coffee


Daily prompt “Vending wishes
Soft drinks, electronics, nutrient-free snacks
you can get all of those from a vending machine
but what type of vending machine is sorely needed but doesn’t yet exist..?
Share your automated retail fantasies.

Okay admit there’s such a machine already, but how many..?

I am the happy owner of this wonderful machine
such a mobile fresh coffee brewing bike
it requires good legs, I have
but it isn’t the same as saying they are pretty
the bike is pretty heavy, so it has its limitations
probably why there are so few in circulation.

When I take breaks on my mountain biking on my black mountain bike
I miss my fresh coffee brewing bike
all the wonderful views, would be perfect with a fresh cup of coffee in hand.

It would be almost heavenly.

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Celestial gate

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Not all gates are petalled hearts or even ready to be visited – here an abandoned one.

A petalled heart ain’t nothing but an imaginary heaven’s gate
sometimes added tempting colors
sometimes added tempting scents
sometimes added tempting musical sounds
always the same ulterior motive to entice someone or something behind the gate.

And it isn’t only carnivorous plants where there is no way return.

A post inspired from the always worth visiting Paula
Thursday’s Special “non-theme”: “Petalled heart