The story blows in the wind

W 024

A photo of a cozy street in the alsatian town of Kaysersberg.

Daily prompt “Split-Second Story“, my 2nd version.
*capture an image that tells a full story in a single frame*

Maybe we were chasing a good mood more
than trying to create it from scratch ourselves ..?

Are we trying to mirror ourselves in the glow of the scene
or would we rather be a part of the stage play
this isn’t about cinema or theater.
Really knows many who go out town to enjoy a cozy evening
they will wait anxiously for the fun to begin, for the good mood to start.
After waiting in vain so they move to another place and another and thereafter to another
maybe they were those who could had created a good atmosphere the first place.
if they created instead of chasing.
The answer remains in the air between the hunting fields.
The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.

7 tanker om “The story blows in the wind

  1. I agree with you dear Drake… maybe we are not always able to create the good atmosphere but we can be present, be conscous, immerse ourselves in a good atmosphere, to be aware of what is surrounding us and be in a good mood, at least… But it’s true that the answer is “blowing in the wind”.. 😉

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