At the end of our noses


Sitting on the park bench, sometimes it could be misunderstood

A bench is a piece of furniture clothed with many paradoxes from time to time
especially those standing outdoors could also be the subject of many prejudices.

Most seem benches are so nice when standing unused idyllic in the cityscape
if there is a single person, we think the person is lonely and unhappy
if there are two people we believe they are lovers or having an affair
if there are 3 or more young people, so we think there is a risk of trouble
if there are 3 or more old people, we think they are forgotten and neglected
if there are 3 or more neither young nor old people, we think they are unemployed.

But benches are also used as “contact platforms” in various connections.
See you at the bench at *** Road
See you at the bench under the clock at *** station


A bench for free at the western part of North York Moor UK.


The bench of Eleanor Rigby from Liverpool UK, known from The Beatles.


A idyllic river bench just waiting for a visit.

11 003

A sailor bench for free at the danish harbor of Ballen.

00 08

A danish sunset bench.

01 014

My old parents have a bench in their large garden, here in winter mood.

12 001

In very early summer mood.


A throne is only a bench covered with velvet
*Napoleon Bonaparte – french emperor*

Take good care of the city benches, many homeless use them for night sleeping.

A post inspired from the always worth visiting Paula
Thursday’s Special “non-theme”: “Horizon

How far away is our horizon probably it is very subjective
I guess it will varies from person to person and from time to time
when one have seen often – on the way through the city at night time
with homeless sleeping on the benches – so get horizons an extra dimension.

23 tanker om “At the end of our noses

  1. So very different but yet each of them inviting…even if to sit only for a moment and to take that time to look around and notice something never had before. You certainly put a couple of thoughts on the back of my mind that will flash back whenever i will pass a bench – empty or with somebody enjoying it 🙂

  2. That’s a good message, Drake. When in a new place I always hunt for a bench I like to call mine ;). I remember some of these from earlier post. I am glad you managed to compile them in this one. Thank you for this nice entry. Happy Thursday!

    • #.paula
      Really do appreciate you enjoyed this – you are right I used some old photos too – I had an idea of ​​the theme should be visions but when I read your post and so it be horizon instead of vision… 🙂

  3. Pingback: Thursday’s Special: Horizon | Lost in Translation

  4. I have a cousin who has an entire blog called Benched. He finds a bench wherever he travels and the post is around what is happening at or near it. Amazing when we stop and look what we can see. That last photo is stunning!

  5. Wonderful post Drake! So many tips for reflection… I never thought about the different ways we can see benches and you’re right about everything. Have a sweet night… not on a bench! 😉

    • #.laura
      Thanks a lot, so glad you enjoyed this – really do appreciate your words… 🙂

      When I was a young student, I was repeatedly InterRailing several summers – with backpack and the courage for experiences all around most of the european countries – I must admit that I one single night slept on a bench at the station in italian Turin waiting for the south-going morning train… 🙂 🙂

    • #.diahann
      Thanks a lot, really do appreciate your words so much… 🙂

      I generally know what I believe but don’t think it is necessarily more than “my perception of truth” – so I am curious to hear what other people think – I live to learn more… 😉 😉

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