The large studio of nature

W 050

Abandoned architecture – many would probably describe it as dead and not at all as art
but man-made “detritus” and architecture too – often slips or drawn into the life of nature.

Daily prompt “Living art

46 tanker om “The large studio of nature

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      • I often start dreaming when I see old deserted houses. They can sometimes be so beautiful despite the decay. Or maybe rather: one can easily see that they have been beautiful. Now they are mysterious!

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  3. Wonderful picture, artistic job made by Nature, a sense of light fear… this house could be well used in a Hitchcock film… 😉 Great Drake!

  4. I’ve always been drawn to the abandoned and decayed. There is a great mystery and a sense of loss, and great curiosity to learn the history. Your photograph is stunning….and it has the feel like this house had a good story. Beautiful!

    • #.elisa
      Me too, something fascinating mystery in the air when we look at this kind of buildings – probably our curiosity – really do appreciate you like this… 🙂

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  6. Bravo! This is an expressive photo revealing both sides of transient reality. The abandoned structure has been transformed into an eye sore and it seems that Mother Nature is doing her best to camouflage if not out rightly conceal with Her own creations.

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