No ordinary forest outing

W 067

Château de Frœnsbourg is a abandoned french castle ruin
north west of the town of Lembach, inside the Bas-Rhin département.
Bas-Rhin, it’s one of two departments in the alsatian region of France.
The name means “Lower Rhine” – Haut-Rhin which means “Higher Rhine” is the other.
The inhabitants of the department are known as Bas-Rhinois or Bas-Rhinoises.
The main city of the Bas-Rhin is Strasbourg.

Amazing architectural structure built into the side of a mountain cliff
the castle havde been known for about 800 years
using caves as connecting halls – simply adapted to the nature, brilliant creativity.

Stairs are now set up to give the opportunity to experience it (safely) at close range.

W 065

Most of all so it looks a bit like a huge mansion-like stay for termites after all these years.

W 064

W 066

W 068

W 063

W 062

W 060

With a big smile this walkway could be called “Le Pont Nouveau”.

W 061

View from the walkway – there are several meters down.

W 069

There were no photographers here and don’t tell to anybody
after a hot day’s hike with backpack
it’s tempting to throw all the clothes and jump in the lovely cool water here
on the way down to civilization again.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” too and her “Monday walk” themes
this area call for a visit and is perfect for inspiring walking a part was biking.

34 tanker om “No ordinary forest outing

    • #.laurie
      So glad you like this walk – lived in the area for a 2 ½-year period while I was fulfilling a task – and both before and after visited the area many times – the nature, the food, the wine are wonderful and the people too… 🙂

    • #.diahann
      I work as an independent consultant for some middle managers a kind of personal advice involving many things – 2 day trips like this I use once a year where the individual client are “pulled” to a place like this or the Pyrenees or the Alps or British North York Moors or Alsace – in a combined business and pleasure (read stress reduction) with emphasis on business… 🙂

      I have always traveled without help from travel companies and only use help from the local people – no matter which part of the world it might be – amazing way of meeting people, on their own home field… 😉 😉

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  3. I’m glad you did this vertical walk on our behalf, because there is no way that now I could climb those scary ladders and cross those walk-ways. Many thanks Drake 🙂
    Jude (from Jo’s walks)

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