Extra spice creates stories

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When we see something, then it becomes transmuted from our eyes to our brain
usually attached to a subjective explanation from our imagination – as some extra spice.
Sometimes when we see a man at a florist go in and buy a flower
then it’s easy to think “I wonder what he has done ..?” – maybe he has a guilty conscience
I guess most of us men buy flowers all too rarely.

Weekly photo challenge “Extra extra
*share a photo which has a little something extra*

19 tanker om “Extra spice creates stories

  1. Yes, everyone looks at things in his own way and explain them differently… we can’t avoid it! As a hopeless romantic woman, if I see a man buying flowers I think he’s going to make a sweet present to the woman he loves.. 😉

  2. haha! my boyfriend never really gave me flowers.. not once. chocolates, other presents, yes. but flowers, never. so if he does give me flowers, i guess i better be suspicious. LOL 🙂

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