Who’ll stop the rain

M 002

Razor wire at trenches.

The danish multi-artist Robert Storm Petersen (1882-1949) once said:
We could learn a lot from quotes and sayings, but we don’t

We could also learn a lot from wars, but we do nor.
so many places are memories of war as monuments to mankind’s foolishness
in an absurdly way become fascinating but often don’t inspiring in a preventive way.

Five alsatian reminders which this year is one hundred years old, from World War I.

M 003

A kind of connection, or what..?

M 004

Even in a trench from the war there may be a door ajar.

M 001

The vast majority of wars are political or religious, rarely neighbor based disputes
but the ordinary people and the soldiers are hostages in this game.

But even from a trench, sometimes we can see the sunlight.

Conversation promotes understanding.

M 005

24 tanker om “Who’ll stop the rain

  1. Petersen was correct, all we get from quotes are validation and inspiration once in a while, I never really thought about it that way. Powerful photos.

  2. The photos are fantastic! But looking at them makes me sad. They so much reminds of the fear and gread that leads to war. And then the abandoness and decay

    • #.ninna
      Thanks a lot, really appreciate your words and agree with you – there are so much sadness included in such places – that’s the reason why we have to learn, but it’s easy to say than to do.

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