Between life and shadows

Verdun 001

Verdun 008

Verdun 002

Between historical shadows the french town of Verdun is located in french Lorraine
River Meuse (in dutch “Maas”) runs through the city, which has about 25,000 inhabitants.
This area is one of the World War One largest battlefields
solely in 1916 there were more than 320,000 soldiers killed
when german and french troops fought each other for 10 months, day after day largely.

Weekly photo challenge “Between

Verdun 004

Verdun 005

L’Ossuarie de Douaumont.

Verdun 006

Verdun 007

Large parts of the area are laid out as nature reserve
because the fightings made the ground unusable for agricultural purposes
in the area there are also some of the largest military cemeteries in the world.

Verdun 003

The light through the Notre Dame Cathedral stained glass window
it indicates that the colors and life goes on in the city of Verdun.

Between all the memories from the past.

16 tanker om “Between life and shadows

  1. Good post, Drake…. The World War One Battlefields and graveyards make for a very sombre area, I have visited a number of times. By the way, where is the image below your image of the Douaumont Ossuary?

  2. #.suej
    It’s from one of those 9 villages which was decleared “dead for France” in the Verdun area – the fightings havde made them and the surroundings so destroyed and useless (perhaps chemicals) that they shouldn’t remodeling or reused – but be preserved as a sort of sanctuary – a bit scary in a way, because that for ever will remind us about the cruel past – really hopes we will learn from this.

    Really do appreciate your words, thanks a lot… 🙂

  3. Great post Drake! Full of interesting historical knews and beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week-end. 🙂

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    • #.janet
      Yes Normandy and the Verdun area are one huge reminder for us all, how cruel it could end if we take care – agree both areas are beautiful and horrible at the same time – really do appreciate your words so much.

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