Shine on You Crazy Diamond

A 001

“Sainte Chapelle” (in english “Holy Chapel”) in Paris.

We people are like stained-glass windows.

We sparkle and shine when the sun is on
but when the darkness sets in
our true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within
*Elisabeth Kubler-Ross – american psychologist*

A 002

St Margaret’s Church is an anglican church in Rottingdean,
a coastal village next to the english city of Brighton and Hove.

A 003

Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows
located in Chicago, Illinois US
*this photo is about 7-8 years old*
as I remember it, the museum opened in 2000 or 2001.

With the inspiration from Ailsa and her absolutly worth visting blog
Where’s my backpack?
this is my version of the travel theme this week “Shine“.

20 tanker om “Shine on You Crazy Diamond

  1. I like the look of your post. The stained glass pics are very gorgeous, glorious.
    I have read 2 books by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross,
    I am moved by the connection of the 2….. your pics & her thoughts.

  2. What beautiful pictures! I’m a fun of stained-glass windows!! And the Sainte-Chapelle is the place I love best in Paris, it enchanted me the first time I visited it for ever and it remind me special unforgettable moments… thanks for sharing! 🙂

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