Uplifted contrasts

A 24

The Watzmann a mountain in the bavarian Alps south of the village of Berchtesgaden
it is the third highest in Germany, and the highest located entirely on german area
the two higher are located with the peaks exactly at the german-austrian borderline.

The three main peaks along a ridge on the mountain’s taller western half:
Hocheck (in english High Edge) 2.651m
Mittelspitze (in english Middle Peak) 2,713m
and Südspitze (in english South Peak) 2,712m.

The Watzmann massif also includes the 2307 m Watzmannfrau
(in english Watzmann Wife)
and the Watzmannkinder (in english Watzmann Children)
five lower peaks in the recess between the main peaks and the Watzmannfrau.

One of the lower peaks (1.800m) in the area is known for a fortress built by Hitler
“Kehlsteinhaus” or “Adolf Hitler’s Eagle Nest”
today a museum and a warning and learning about how bad thing goes if we don’t care.

The entire massif located inside the Berchtesgaden National Park.

Weekly photo theme “Contrast“ coincided with a visit in this area from friday to sunday
and the fact that mountains and their surrounding area is full of contrasts
perhaps many more than we are aware of – it was the inspiring kick.

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A 29

A hot summer day but then an ice hard snowbank overtly left in the sunshine.

A 27

40 tanker om “Uplifted contrasts

  1. Wonderful!
    i would be afraid to be there, of course. You know I am a city scaredy-cat, and prairie flatfoot. Nonetheless,I love the adventures you post on this blog. 🙂 😎

    • #.wets wild
      So glad you enjoy it, really do appreciate… 🙂

      Otters, wild boar, grey wolf, chamois, red deer, doe deer, red fox, beech marten, european pine marten, european badger, servel kinds of weasels, european polecat, servel kinds of bats, lots of west european hedgehog, Wwhite-breasted hedgehog, several kinds of water voles including snow vole too, servel kinds of shrews – not so large animals, brown bears sometimes cross the border from Austria – but so they try to catch them otherwise they are shot… 😦

      The eurasian lynx was exterminated in Germany in the 1850s – it was reintroduced to the Bavarian Forest and the Harz in the 1990s – but I haven’t seen it, I only have mentioning those I have seen myself.

      Sure I have forget some, and of couse a lots of birds in all sizes… 🙂

      • That’s a wonderful collection of animals Drake, thanks for humoring my curiosity!

        Pity that they can’t allow the bears to permanently repopulate the area, it seems ideal for them?

        • Really fascinating to look at all this life
          when enjoying this wonderful wilderness… 🙂

          Agree with about the bears, the area would be perfect for them and I see them as much more dangerous when I’m mountain biking – maybe those who climb the peaks of the mountains there see them as a problem – actually don’t know.

    • #.saetzebirgit
      Agree a bit with you, Bavaria don’t get all the attention as the area deserves – a wonderful area, absolutly worth visiting – I’m lucky I have an old friend who lives in the area with his wife and children – so I have a reason visting the area… 😀 😀

    • #.diahann
      So glad you do like it – yeah this is one of the largest reasons why I love nature like this – in our every day life we often havea sense of being able to control much in our own way, here we are forced to compromise so much more than we use to do – many don’t like this challenge – I do… 😀

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