On the edge of the bavarian Alps

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Bavarian city walk on the edge of the Alps.

The city of Berchtesgaden in Bavaria in the southern Germany near the border to Austria
about 30 km south of Austrian Salzburg and 180 km southeast of Munich.
Berchtesgaden is often associated with the famous Watzmann mountain
which, with its 2,713 m is the third highest mountain in Germany.

Visited this city, in connection to a private party, from friday to sunday
went for a walk around in the city, saturday morning after 2-3 black coffees
also with an ulterior motive for the monday challenge
the inspiring challenge from creative “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes
this area is perfect for inspiring walking with beautiful architecture and surroundings.

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Common  bath for those who are early out the feathers or something like that ..?

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33 tanker om “On the edge of the bavarian Alps

  1. Wow! I am liking this place more and more, Drake. I reminds me of the Polish mountains in a lot of ways. Isn’t that canal with the fountains lovely, too?
    Thank you ever so much! You’re first again 🙂 🙂

    • #.jo
      I really love areas like these – the city ​​surrounded by mountains and as a backdrop behind – so isolated yet so open – and with the small water channels as perfect mood-makers in the city itself – so glad you enjoyed this little city walk… 🙂

    • #.madhu
      So glad you enjoyed this walk with a city ​​surrounded by a backdrop of mountains behind – so isolated yet so open – a fascinating atmosphere… 🙂

  2. You really enjoyed a fantastic walk! Beautiful places, fascinating atmosphere, I like this archicteture too.. Thanks for sharing Drake.

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