Nature hides but don’t forget

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The trees in forests may “steal” the view, but they give the space to collect our thoughts.

A path upwards (or downwards) the Mont Sainte-Odile (770m)
in the alsatian Bas-Rhin, a part of the french Vosges mountains.

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A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know
*Diane Arbus – american photographer*

A french domestic flight crashed in 1992 in this area of ​​Mont Sainte-Odile
while circling to land at Strasbourg Airport – 96 people on board,only 9 survived
at the crash site there’s a dignified memorial grove as a respectful reminder
but the most fascinating sculptures may be made ​​by the nature.
Those trees which are older than the time of the disaster and which survived the flames
they stand still 22 years after as living memorial as sculptures tell their part of the story .

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Daily prompt “Wrong turns“, these are a part of our life – for good or worse.

23 tanker om “Nature hides but don’t forget

  1. Beautiful photos Drake. Love the idea of a living memorial! We have a custom of burying some of a dead person’a ashes in the ground and planting a tree over it. The rest are scattered over flowing water, preferable where three rivers meet!

    • #.madhu
      Thanks a lot, so glad you like them… 🙂

      In the western world funerals similar yours are more and more seen – in Denmark a lot dead person’s ashes are sprinkled into the sea from a boat at a short ceremony.

  2. Nature is definitely the best artist of all. I love going into nature and disappearing into her beauty- and yes, the spaciousness felt in all that she occupies. Thank you, Drake!

    • #.paula
      I guess so, haven’t heard or read it from elsewhere… 🙂

      Understand you so much about forests
      – I’m crazy about forest hiking, walking or biking myself… 🙂

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