Plain decorated

T 081

Decorations – it’s not about brand, it’s about style.

If it catch both, nonetheless so it perfect.

B 05

The cars in a race can be decorative.

B 06

Match race can be very decorative.

B 08

Sometimes the decorative aspect may arise by chance,
an interaction between nature and something else.

B 07

One of these two women are wearing only a painted decoration. guess yourself who
in my subjective eyes, great fun but not sexy.

Nowadays our world is such that we often don’t notice the reality unless it is decorated
less and less so we’re valuing by the content but how it looks out for our surrounindings.
It’s called marketing, but there is also something called creative marketing.
In a way being plain is disgusting, we all want to be unique
no matter we often more and more isolate us in uniformed decorations
where managements sets standards.

Don’t know how unique this is.

With the inspiration from Ailsa and her absolutly worth visting blog
Where’s my backpack?
this is my version of the travel theme this week “Decoration“.

29 tanker om “Plain decorated

    • #.ese
      I mostly try to find an other way around a theme whatever the theme is… 😀

      Our world and our life are much about marketing and signals,
      whatever we like it or not – I believe it isn’t all bad… 😉

  1. Really enjoyed this post. And it is true that we “decorate” not just ourselves, products or even our homes by setting a scene, meant to bring out things we want noticed most. It all involves strategies between requirement, demand and feedback!
    Well done, Drake!( the last take on body decoration is funny!)

    • #.doro
      So glad you did… 🙂

      Yes marketing and signals take a lots of space in our life
      I believe it isn’t all bad if we keep it in our minds that something among all the good stuff could be illusions – by the way something among the sad things are illusions too… 😉

  2. Such a very cool decoration perspective. In you subjective eyes (am guessing 🙂 , she is naturally beautiful and don’t need any “decorations”. Great photo!

  3. Neat post! The first shot is exquisite, sparkles my eyes!
    The last pic… Okay, I’m guessing the leopard skirt on the woman on the right is one giant lower body tattoo. 😉 ‘hahaha”

  4. Wonderful post dear Drake! I like very muche the light’s effect on the first picture and I smiled at the last one and your comment 😉

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