Relic of dreams

B 18

Cité de l’Automobile

On the Avenue de Colmar in the city of Mulhouse there’s a museum full of relic of dreams
maybe boy dreams – and boys of all ages
but it can also be a dream to invite the selected princess for a ride
so she feels like a queen, see here so it was suddenly including girl’s dream too.

Relics of the past added dreams – could be a way for an inspiring future.

Weekly photo challenge “Relic

B 19

B 20

Lots of dreams, tons of them.

B 17

To chase those dreams, one can take the plane to Mulhouse Airport and then by tram.

B 15

22 tanker om “Relic of dreams

  1. Oh yes, those are wonderful dreams!! 😉 In Turin there is also a Car Museum with lots and lots of car of all ages. You start with the models created by Leonardo da Vinci till the fastest cars of Formula 1 of our age. I liked very much when I visited last spring. 🙂

  2. As usual, Drake, you have this wonderful way of taking photographs and spinning them into the most unexpected stories. Love the idea that dreams can travel through time even if their form may change. “Relic of Dreams”- beautiful.

  3. Ohh, I want to go for a ride, especially in the first car! A pink Plane? OMG! I hate flying, but I would go on a pink plane on a moment’s notice! 🙂 😎

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