In the eye of the beholder

B 31

A modern alsatian block of flats – not the cheapest in the area
without a single bad word about them, but said with an innocent twinkle in the eye
perhaps a perfect choice for the theme ..?

Weekly photo challenge “Containers

21 tanker om “In the eye of the beholder

    • #.resa
      Have a friend he calls them stacked sardine – him and his family live in a small ancient village on the island of Corsica – three steps and then their kids are out into the wilds… 😀

        • #.resa
          It is much safer on the canadian prairie, coming only a few cowboys and a few thousand cattle over – or the great canadian forests, I guess it’s not everyday you see a bear walking past your nose up there – so the canadian cities are probably the most dangerous… 😀 😀

          • Oh Le Drake, you’re so very funny! 😀
            Yes, a few thousand cattle could turn me into pemmican, and the Canadian forests could hide me forever. Yet, traffic in Toronto is more scary!
            I’d take a Buffalo or a Bear over a Toronto motorist any day!
            You know, I believe you would enjoy enduring our climate, and seeing the Polar Bears. I think you are a true adventurer. ❤

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