The bike as the stowaways

B 44

Moments in the streets of Strasbourg.

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet
*Roger Miller – american musician*

Two reasons why it didn’t happen to me
was on my bike and it didn’t rain.

My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty
she’s ninety-seven now
and we don’t know where the heck she is
*Ellen DeGeneres – american stand-up comedian, actress and talkshow hostess*

The inspiring challenge from the creative “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes
this area is perfect for inspiring walking with beautiful architecture and surroundings.

B 42

It isn’t always purely idyllic between pedestrians and cyclists.

B 41

Women generally look wonderful on their bikes – beautiful attitude
opposite us men who generally looks like fleeing bank robbers on stolen bikes.

B 40

Cyclists fear not much – but have great respect for the city’s trams.

B 46

Cycling in cities, makes the enjoyment of the surroundings difficult, speed is the key word.

B 43

Remember the good old days when we said to the girls
they just had to jump on the bike luggage rack
and they did it
gentlemen nowadays will jump off the bike and will followed with the girl.

B 45

As we move about into the cities, we experience more by walking than by cycling
the opposite in the wild nature, I think – there is a mountain bike perfect
it is more dangerous to ride in cities than in the wild
the opposite is the matter with walking, I guess.

B 47

European Union parliament building in Strasbourg, containing a lot of decision makers
wonder how many of those who have cycled or strolling through the historic city.
Probably no one. I guess.

26 tanker om “The bike as the stowaways

  1. I fell out of my chair laughing at the grandmother joke, Drake! The old ones are the best, but Roger Miller talked a lot of sense too 🙂
    That first photo is superb! I can quite picture myself riding around in your bike basket. I’ll have a great view and save all my energy.
    Thanks again for your lovely post and for playing along. 🙂

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    • #.diahann
      Sure, I think it would be a perfect idea – and women can of course easily multitask opposite us men, we do only one thing at a time… 😀 😀

      Have a wonderful weekend… 🙂

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