On the west

B 76

The dutch city of Amsterdam, the most know or have heard about
just a ‘stone’s throw’ west is the historic city of Haarlem, too few know it
a ‘stone’s throw’ more west towards the North Sea
the natural area “Nationaal Park Zuid-Kennemerland” which’s located close to the sea.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes
this area is perfect for inspiring walking or even better biking.

B 72

Perfect for both walking and biking.

The sign recommend that children take their parents on a leash or something like that.

B 71

B 70

B 69

B 62

No problem at all, we can all have a bad hair day.

B 63

B 74

The man-made world isn’t far away.

B 75

35 tanker om “On the west

    • #.camelia
      Yeah this fellow reminded me of a danish DAD rock song “I wound cut my hair” – those animals were so relaxed and fascinating – so glad you enjoyed these photos… 🙂

  1. Love the paddling cows 🙂 We have some of that type around here too. Must be family 🙂
    You’re right- I don’t know enough about the rest of Holland. I have a friend in Le Hague with half a promise to go visit some day. Thanks again for your lovely contribution, Drake 🙂

  2. Oh, wow. This is so close to Haarlem? Been to visit the city (I couldn’t resist since my NYC neighborhood is Harlem: ) ), but the weather wasn’t great and we stuck to teh ruban area. Now I see what I need to do next time!

    • #.kimberly
      I had 4½ hour so I missed both Haarlem and A’dam this time, these cities I have visited several times before – the Harlem neighborhood of NYC was named by dutch settlers after this historic dutch town – the city was probably founded in the 900s – south of the city is the world’s largest flower park named “Keukenhof”… :-).

    • #.anna
      So glad you enjoyed this “walk” – a very fascinating area close to the civilization but far enough away to have some untouched charm – by the way southeast of this, lies the world’s largest flower park Keukenhof – but I haven’t visit it (yet)… :-).

  3. Looks beautiful, until one spots the man made intrusions! Love that messy haired cow 🙂
    Speaking of the two Harlems I discovered the existence of a city called Lucknow in Canada!

    • #.madhu
      Yes agree about the idyllic nature versus the ‘shadows’ of the city… 🙂

      Lucknow, I was surprised that Cliff Richard was born there – news for me… 🙂

      Apropos in Angus Scotland, there’s a small countryside seettlement (smaller than a village) called Lucknow – have cycled through once, 1-2 years ago – at first I believed that was the birthplace of Cliff Richard but then I found out he was born in India… 🙂

  4. How come those cow have such nice long hair? I can’t recall seeing any long hair cows in Canada. For sure we have black and white cows. Even the bison, who have beards don’t have long hair.

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