C 80

 A small fishing hamlet – easy to survey or anyway..?

Dawning is the day

C 90

Seen tons of sunrises and never seen two like each other.

Here last year from the irish east coast looking in direction of northern Wales.

It is said that sunrises are as opportunities
if you don’t catch them so you just miss that special moment.

Lazy people says that it doesn’t matter there is a new one tomorrow.

Sunrises are technically speaking simple and similar each other
but theory and reality – can be like night and day.

Daily prompt “New Dawn

The bright side of an edge

C 78

The very strong sunlight might make the view from the breakwater a little blurry
nevertheless the edges are quite sharp.
Edges have often fascinated and drawn us humans
and sometimes frightened us too.
In the very old days when we people thought the earth was flat and not round
then considered seamen horizon as an edge or rather as an abyss and feared it
which required great strength of persuasion by explorers like Columbus
before the sailors dared to continue on into the horizon in their sailing ships.

With the inspiration from Ailsa and her absolutly worth visting blog
Where’s my backpack.?
this is my version of the travel theme this week “Edge“.

Makeover illusions

C 75

A mega huge oil rig in harbor for a makeover
all great will change character if zooming in on details
also whether it is daylight or artificial harbor night light makes changes.
The three characteristic ‘legs’ that is raised for sailing
they would immediately reveal what it is, if they were included here.

Now it may well be everything, even a port nightclub.

Inspired from the always worth visiting Paula’s Thursday’s Special *non-theme*: “Makeover

C 79

The oil rig leaves port after the makeover
behind a powerful towing boat
assisted by a number of tugboats.