With the wind

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Dyvig Bath Hotel is secluded in a cove in the danish Alssund
a narrow waterway with the island of Als to one side and Jutland to the other
with german Flensburg Fjord to the south and danish Little Belt to the north.
You have to know it’s there to be able find it.
Absolutly a great place to relaxing for 3-4 days.

Haven’t been visiting Dyvig since I was 9 years old together with my parents
a visit which was a sunday outing with accompanying coffee.

The red color was new, but otherwise similar to my memory of the place.

Fyrtårn 02

S 000


1151Some fit the memory well and some (a lot of) have been through great changes.

Funny days.

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12 tanker om “With the wind

  1. I had to look online to see exactly where in Denmark this is! The swimming season must be a
    little bit short in this beautiful place, even for cows. 🙂

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