29 tanker om “Temptations straight ahead

    • #.cardinal guzman
      You are right, not typically danish – but at the jutlandic western coast, you can find similar several places – full of atmosphere, but a bit away from the beach party places… 🙂

    • #.anna
      Yes not typically danish – but you can find places like this at the western jutlandic coast – old old fishing hamlets without harbors – the fishing boats were (are still but not so many) pulled up at the beach after each trip – impressive and fascinating… 🙂

  1. Charming picture, misleading view… yes, we can think to Greece! So it’s even more fantastic this mid-summer “dream”… 😉

    • #.laura
      So glad you enjoyed this look, really do appreciate… 🙂

      It tells us that sometimes we even not have to close our eyes – when we want a dream come through – standing upnorth in the jutlandic part of Denmark and voila, we are in Greece… 😀 😀 😀

  2. Very nice shot – you really make some great pics!!

    In fact, my first guess was Northern Jutland. The buildings are the fishermens cabins, from the epoc of the painter P.S. Kröyer. There are several all the way up the coast. When you walk there, you can still sense the atmosphere. It´s adorable.

    Visiting Denmark is a lot more than Copenhagen. We have a great nature, and many many villages and spots, with years of history and atmosphere “attacked” 🙂

    Thanks for bringing us onto the trip, that your eyes are able to catch.

    • #.cc
      Thanks a lot, so glad you enjoyed it – really do appreciate your words… 🙂

      You are right the north western jutlandic coastline you find fishing hamlets like this – which for long time have been the inspiring “kick” for so many artists – not only painters but writers and others too – I myself have always loved visiting Old Skagen, Klitmoeller, Agger and all the other similar places – they will always be in my heart… 🙂

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