30 tanker om “Milk factory

  1. Be careful with cows: In the last weeks, there have been a lot of cows attacks against human beings. No joke! Every day there a news about aggressive cows in my newspaper in Bavaria. They are so sensitive – you should not disturb them….

    • #.saetzebirgit
      Many don’t know or don’t believe in cows in groups may be evil, but they can – they trample often leverets and chasing cats out of their enclosure – but they look often harmonious and sweet – but cows are a natural part.

      Horses and sheeps don’t as I know… 🙂

    • #.cafcaciri
      Agree about cows who use to have human contact – but still in nature they can be cruel – if a cow in a crowd get a calf – some of the others if they lost their own will try to steal the calf by chasing away the mother – farmers often remove the calf from dairy cows and it causes problems another cow gives birth to a calf in field.

      But cows are very fascinating animals… 🙂

      • I didn’t knew this fact. I tent to think that stressed and confined animals can have strange, and agressive reactions. Were those cows in that case ?
        Otherwise that make me think to wolf children. A category of female wolf, young and non dominant one, adopt human baby because their “maternal” instinct stay suspended since only the dominant female (alfa in litterature) can reproduce herself.
        Though it is not very relevant I am happy to share a piece of my unclassified knowledge on terrestrial life. 😉

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