Send me a sombrero

D 20

Liverpool at late eve.

Said with a twinkle in one of my eyes “I should be either corsican or mexican”
so I would have a siesta every day and take a long nap under a big black sombrero
coz afternoon, evening, night and morning are my favorite part of the day.

Inspired from the always worth visiting Paula’s Thursday’s Special this week *theme*: “Favourite

18 tanker om “Send me a sombrero

  1. Judging from the number of your night shots of Liverpool I would say the night is your absolute favourite part of the day. I wish I had a sombrero to send you. That night cityscape is very neat and I like it – no people in sight – they are all swallowed by the darkness 😀 Thank you for your contribution, Drake. I always appreciate it.

    • #.paula
      Yeah actually I enjoy working at night and also being lazy at noon… 😀

      By the way cities have mostly a fascinating atmosphere at night – do enjoy having a ride on my bike – coz I have lights on red at the rear and a white yellowish at the front – the sounds are totally different and the people too in a way… 😀

      So glad you enjoyed my version of your non-theme
      – they are inspiring every week… 🙂

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