Symphony without notes

D 30

Colour symphony without notes.

I want to say something so embarrassing about september
that even the leaves start blushing and turning red
*Jarod Kintz – a creative american artist*

Wonder why many people don’t like fall..?

27 tanker om “Symphony without notes

  1. Excellent post, I like it very much: title, picture and comment are perfect! Great Drake! I like very much Autumn when is in its best colours, sometimes it gives us some grey foggy or rainy days that move me to sadness and I admit I don’t like it too much in those days… I prefer sunny days 😉 🙂

    • #.aurore
      Really appreciate your words so much, so glad you enjoy it… 🙂

      Sometimes grey foggy or rainy days give us some positive waves too
      sounds may be more intense than in blast bright sunshine
      please remember that, sunshine girl… 😀 😀

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