Portrait of joyful darkness

D 32

Years ago I spent a period of time in this city because of education, a wonderful city
for a awhile since I had returned to visit a good old friend at the local hospital.
We spent the time looking out the window from the 12 floor and talk about old memories.
Fortunately, as the dusk was lowered over the city of Viborg
some would jokingly say that the stories deserved this light
Good memories emerge from the darkness when we see the light.

Inspired from the always worth visiting Paula’s Thursday’s Special this week *theme*: “Portrait

24 tanker om “Portrait of joyful darkness

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    • #.paula
      Actually it wasn’t that dark only twilight but the camera believed it was night… 😀

      I enjoy darkness coz I find lights in the dark so positive – could it be more positive that light in the dark, I guess not – maybe it’s me, but I always try finding positive moments everywhere – born not naive but positive… 😀

      So glad you enjoyed this view of the city where I spent my last teen age years – even if the city is hidden in twillight – in Denmark there are 3 cities which are a very important part of old history of the state of Denmark as a unified state society – the city of Ribe, the city of Roskilde and this the city of Viborg… 🙂

        • Some call it the backs of the cities – I disagree, there is no front versus rear, but two fronts – in a way cities like humans are a unification of light and shade, I believe… 🙂

    • #.pattimoed
      Yeah sometimes only a candle light is enough for starting this
      – our thoughts drawn against light glow or even glare too… 🙂

      Really do appreciate your words so much… 🙂

  2. This is really beautiful, Drake – darkness and the colours melting together in a perfect way. Like memories I think – of different shades, yet every single one matters to make the picture complete.

  3. It’s a wonderful thing to spend quality time with good old friends. I hope your friend got better and that you will have some more great memories to share in the sunshine, or on another beautifully captured dusk as this!

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