A night at indoor light

D 42

Spot on a woman in red, night light indoor (Echo Arena Liverpool)

Weekly photo challenge “Nighttme

Granted I have no compact discs with Kylie Minogue not even long playing records
but I love live music and was lured to a concert yesterday
definitely worth night – definitely she isn’t on the other side of the hill yet.

A ocean of light of changing colors – and not least important magnificent sound.

D 39

The desire to observe details can’t be denied and with a thriving imagination too.
So it won’t be less exciting.
Note the black box Kylie has on her back and notice the man with the tall black hat
wondered if he was guiding her movements with those rods, he was very energetic.
If it was – so he steered the famous Moon Walk of Michael Jackson too ..?

D 40

D 41

Live music (all kind) are being alive.

29 tanker om “A night at indoor light

  1. Fantastic shots! I’m glad for you who enjoyed such a great show, you surely passed a happy night! 🙂 Have a great week-end too, dear Drake. 🙂

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  3. Great shots of what looks like a fab concert! Maybe that’s why I live on top of musicians. I get live music at least 3 nights a week! “lol” I can only hear them, I can’t see them…. I suppose I could take pics of my floor! 🙂 😎

    • #.paula
      Believe it or not – the first thing I always look at and hold a special eye on is the drummer – have to admit that as old drummer so it attracts still the reflexes of mine… 😀

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