Escape from the cityscape

D 56

An abandoned hall with coal dust covered floor.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes
Areas like this are perfect for an other kind of inspiring when we walk.

Often we see things like economic crises creates abandoned areas of the cityscape
just as often it is seen that when things turn and development occurs again
to build new next to or somewhere else in the city instead of renovating the old buildings.

What is beautiful and what is ugly, guess it’s a matter of many circumstances.

This is from the Liverpool area, but we meet this kind everywhere worldwide.

D 57

Who talked about green environment, the windows or where the windows were, they fit in.

D 58

Only the bridge left back, for sure – wonder if we can trust it..?


Cars are a natural part of our environment, sometimes perhaps too natural ..?

D 60 An abandoned mental hospital – if we weren’t already
then we would certainly be insane of being in this environment.

21 tanker om “Escape from the cityscape

      Yeah agree not much communicating through those window.

      Sometimes I believe, we have to walk paths where we learn more about how it shouldn’t be than how it should be – sometimes I like to do that, but admit not always I enjoyed it.

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