Public opinion

D 68

Life is dangerously, the mere fact that no one has survived yet speaks for itself
many dangers lurking – in we exposing ourselves and protrude outside the norms
the so-called “public opinion” – a phenomenon created solely to make us controllable.
if we laugh too long or too loud – so wrinkles public opinion eyebrows
lots of situations we draw hasty conclusions without knowing the contexts
we are weird, we are drunk, we are psychopaths, we are strange and so on
the unwritten rules of “public opinion” have made their influence felt
we’re all crazy whether we accept it or not.

No this woman isn’t drunk or sick, just crazy like all of us
a brief glimpse never give the full story.

Weekly photo challenge 2nd version of the theme “Nighttme

29 tanker om “Public opinion

    • #.eric
      Yeah it’s my point, glad you agree – really appreciate… 🙂

      By the way I have a good old friend who suffered a brain haemorrhage when he was 42 year old – when we are with more people, for example, with dinner – so he always has plenty of excuses for the things he doesn’t well – probably because he believes public opinion expects he is eating normally – I always say that he is lucky to have an excuse contrary rest of us who have no excuses… 😀

  1. Is she, okay, Le Drake? Did you see her get up and walk, or… were you worried… did things turn out okay? Did she laugh? Talk? Cry? I want her to be okay!

  2. So true, my first impression also was that she was drunk and then I hoped she had someone with her to make sure she was okay. Thanks for making us pay attention to a photo but NOT to jump to conclusions 🙂

    • #.kazg
      I believe it happens to us all at least from time to time – we all continue the “stories” in over head – and sometimes the story be our own… 😀

      So glad you enjoyed this post, thanks a lot… 😉

    • #.colline
      Yeah you are right – I guess we all think so when we see the photo – I know the girl and she made a practical joke here – coz she was in the mood for that and not drunk or sick – so the photo are in a way true but it doesn’t tell the whole story even not a part of the story… 🙂

  3. I guess this image is a perfect example of ‘a brief glimpse never gives the full story’. Had you not told otherwise, I too would have thought of her as ‘drunk’ or ‘sick’. God alone (or perhaps you) know how she landed up there… but its a very interesting image.

  4. I følge den nye karakterskala vil jeg give dig et 22 tal for din filosoferen. …nu bliver der råbt til mig at 22 ikke findes på skalaen.
    Jeg ville bare være helt sikker på at jeg gav dig den højeste karakter ❤ 😀

    • #.hanna
      Du er en skat, tusind tak – jeg elsker eksamener, resten af tiden er jeg meget afslappet (nogle mener for afslappet) – jeg hader at tage fejl (ikke at jeg ikke gør det fra tid til anden) så derfor er jeg ikke altid den hurtigste til at melde ud men jeg har tænkt over det når jeg gør – og sommetider hjælper det, altså at tænke sig om… 😀 😀 😀

  5. (I think this image could be taken from a film…..
    Lovely shoes , anyway!)

    All what you say about public opinion is extremely precise and makes us think a lot
    about it….
    Living seems to be a difficult game with too many rules!

    • #.anna
      Agree about the shoes… 🙂

      Yes agree, all the rules or many of them – they make us often abstain from do the thinking ourselves – not that the rules are always wrong – but the common sense is drowning in rules… 😀

  6. Stay unique – we all are,, after all 🙂 … Trying to fit everyones expectations has to fail.

    What is “normal” by the way? If nobody dares to be unique, making mistakes, being genious, an artist or actor, and so forth, we´d all be bored to death 😀 – and homo sapiens would never have evolved. They made some crazy risks, with the aim to survive, and bring their clanes further. They were, if anyone, “thinking out of the box”.

    I aggree with you, and I often wonder, why “unique” is so terrifying for the society/system/many people? If we´re all the same, what´s left to inspire and teach us new ways to see/do things?

    The best “rools” I can recommend, is to stay true to yourself, and threat everybody the way, you´d like to be threaten, share love, and keep faith.

    PS! I bet you know that woman on the foto, and that it was a moment of totally fun and impulsiveness, that you catched in a snatch 🙂

      Really do appreciate your comment and agree… 🙂

      Mostly we can’t judging from one pic – we need more, else it become our own story – yeah you are right I know the girl and she made a practical joke here – coz she was in the mood for that and not drunk or sick… 😀

  7. Intriguing, I would say as usual… Eyes are capturing a fraction of a moment and the brain is judging so quickly…We all need to think ‘ who we had been before we were told who we should be’…We need training… What if there is grass instead of that concrete sidewalk? Would that be the same thing? Misinterpretation happens so fast…
    Thanks for sharing, Drake! You’re so good at challenging your readers’ perceptions.
    Have a great weekend,

    • #.diahann
      So glad you enjoyed this – a single photo never tells a whole story. it’s us who make the story – often we create our photo interpretation for what we want to see in terms of our attitudes – photos can be objective proof in some cases, but never for a story – we can’t judging automatically from only one pic – I know this girl and she made a practical joke here – coz she was in the mood for that and not drunk or sick… 😀

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