Hello Goodbye

D 80

Close up of the wonderful John Lennon sculpture in Liverpool John Lennon Airport
a sympathetic personality as I have great familiarity with because of our many meetings
on my way to or from the city of Beatles – in (let’s call it) transit at the airport.

Daily prompt “In Transit

Some see the destination as the life
probably never detects the fact that the journey is the life.

Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans
*John Lennon – wonder if there’s anyone, who not known who he is..?*

02 03

18 tanker om “Hello Goodbye

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  2. All the girls used to be in love with Paul…but John was the one for me! Still makes my heart ache a bit when I think of what happened to him. Thanks for sharing this tribute to him, Drake.

    • #.elisa
      So glad you enjoyed this – yeah I remember all the girl have their fav and couldn’t agree which one who was number one… 😀

      I love and loved Beatles music, but dreamed more about Suzi Q… 😀

  3. I think it’s a great statue to see when you come and go from the airport. John Lennon may be gone but he is certainly not forgotten, so in a sense, he is in transit. Say hi for me next time you pass by him! Thanks!

  4. That is beautiful Drake. Lennon’s songs are indeed timeless. I saw a banner on a friends blog featuring the HK protests and their hope for democracy, that paid tribute to another “You may say I am a dreamer, But I am not the only one”.

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