Let your thoughts flows

E 01

Beauty is when you let yourself be seduced by a passion and allows youself to dream
without concern for the outside world as this unknown woman do at a concert.
Music, especially live music has this quality and taste in music can’t be valued.

Weekly photo challenge 2nd version of the theme “Dreamy

Maybe we are too locked into our own world – our own “right” ways of looking at the world
it gives less room for not only our own dreams but also others’ dreams
that’s why I love live concerts – the mood – the atmosphere around the music.

Also music I usually don’t listen to.

Even those who not mastered the german language
probably they sense the joy among the spectators.

“Seemann, deine Heimat ist das Meer”
in german which means in english
“Seaman, the sea are your home”
easily could be a link for passion and dreams
which could be many different things – work, love and so on.

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