And a bottle of rhum..?

E 28

An island in the sun, perhaps a treasure island..?

If you were alone on a desert island, what…

Next to “How are you”, probably the “most” asked question. I guess.

Desert islands are very fascinating to us, wrapped in dreamy sphere.

Weekly photo challenge 3th version of the theme “Dreamy

18 tanker om “And a bottle of rhum..?

  1. Stranded on an island… you need to face the real you which in the western culture doesn’t seem to be easy nor enjoyable.
    Stranded on an island… reason to renew with Hope and Faith…
    Thanks for challenging our minds! Great picture!

    • #.camelia
      Yes agree, you are right – sometimes I wonder if we in the western culture are affraid of ourselves in a way – we think often that alone is similar to loneliness, it isn’t – it’s once said “if you don’t enjoy your own company, how should others could” – I guess there’s a bit truth in it, not all truth but a bit… 😉

      So glad you like my post, really do appreciate… 😀

  2. Beautiful picture and stimulating post… 😉 Reinventing life, but not me alone, just with the “right” person, that’s what I would like to do if I were on a deserted island.. 🙂

  3. I won’ t sound very adventurous and pirate-ish but my answer would be – a good book and a bottle of…Martini. Since – as people know – no Martini, no party 🙂 Oh, yes – and a lot of sun, of course – that goes without saying…

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