Here, there and everywhere


Falkner Square Gardens Liverpool

Cities regardless of size need green spaces where residents can letting the mind get air
actually there aren’t great demands on those spots than they have mental space.

The inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes
this is Liverpool UK, many perfect places for inspiring “kicks”.at work breaks.

The title is a The Beatles song from 1966.

E 59

Maybe sometimes autumns are like waking up the morning after a great party..?

E 52

Every single city has several levels and “waterside cities” most.

E 51

Hello someone has stolen the water from the lock – impressive simple technique.

E 54

Unused railroad bridge over the Leeds-Liverpool canal – close to where it starts in L’pool
with metal fences set up at both ends of the bridge
probably for keeping brash locomotives away from the bridge..?

E 55

Docklands, late morning the autumn sun is on its way.

E 56

Stanley Park, a bit misty morning.

E 57

Walton Hall Park, a bit misty morning.

17 tanker om “Here, there and everywhere

  1. I love to come wandering with you on a misty morning, Drake! 🙂 And I’m singing along gently too. This track was always a favourite, but then, they wrote so many! Many thanks to you, sir, for your time and effort.

    • #.anna
      ‘hehehe’ – I believe there are lots of secrets yet… 😀

      I’ve always loved exploring those places where I live or have lived – can’t help it – and I live 4-5 month in Liverpool a year and about 3-4 month in the northern Alsace – so those two place are most of my exploring… 😀

    • #.barbara
      So glad you enjoyed this little walk – generally it is a city which is very positive on strangers (which I once was) – of course there are many things that could be better (so it is everywhere) but an extremely spacious city with room for diversity… 🙂

  2. Pingback: Jo’s Monday walk : Along the shore | restlessjo

    • #.heyjude
      So glad you enjoyed this little walk – no doubt many “secrets” waiting in Liverpool as wall as every other cities – we just have to have the time to find them… 😀

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