Maybe heavenly architecture

F 58

The church in the village of Tranebjerg on the island of Samso,
the village it’s the “capital” of the island too
one of the largest danish village churches and one of the few remaining church barns

The island has about 3700 inhabitants and five large churches and two satellite churches.

In Denmark and danish culture, the church probably is more tradition than religion
sunday after sunday most of the danish churches are much more than half empty
only at the Christmas eve service they are filled up so every single chair is in use.

If foreigners ask to this danish paradox
so they are told that the church is important for the danish identity.

Actually the many churches in the danish landscape fantastic guide lines for hikers
and also architectural delights which supporting each town or village
highlighting there own characteristics in relation to their surroundings.

Lazy morning in soft light

F 67

A danish beach morning in late november and yet still soft pastel colors
autumn moving away and winter stands poised behind the scenes.
Bathing nymphs and beach lions are dressed warmer now than the vibrant summer days
while the lazy bobbing boats do not seem to worry about anything.

Above all above all

F 72

A “half” avid angler seen in the dusk at the coast
the other half is down with the fish as he tries to catch.

The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with only one-seventh visible above water
*Sigmund Freud – austrian psychologist*

With the inspiration from Ailsa and her absolutly worth visting blog
Where’s my backpack.?
this is my version of the travel theme this week “Above“.