Space of dreams

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Room for improvements.

Inspired from the always worth visiting Paula’s Thursday’s Special this week *theme*: “Bliss

Bliss may be best explained as an ecstasy without alcohol at times almost an intoxication.

Some become almost blissful when they get the chance to create their own world
it can be to renovate an apartment from scratch or completely renovate an old car.

34 tanker om “Space of dreams

      • 😉 – if I got a dollar bill for each time I heard “brilliant catched” on me… I would have one dollar bill ! Admit that the stairs ain’t that funny – imagine the guy with is photo maker scrambling and crawling for the angle… too bad, there was stairs, and where is the fun now ? 🙂 have a nice day

  1. What were you up to???? Where is this piece of heaven to be? 😀 Thank you for the intriguing image and brilliant definition of bliss as ecstasy without alcohol 🙂

    • #.paula
      A young couple with dreams and visions for their path, which include to renovate this room from scratch – I know them coz they both, from my teaching job and know they can make it – so I help them schedule their strategy – a indeed empty but charming room… 🙂

      So glad you enjoyed my home made definition… 😀

    • Totally agree no doubt and things aren’t black or white – but if we feel dependent on others’ decisions, we aren’t without blame ourselves – we create the base from a borrowed foundation so that we can start at a higher level – but we end at a lower level where we feel that there is someone who decides upon us- and there are – if we want freedom then it costs perhaps much in the beginning but there are high ceilings – we are all different, thankfully – though I’m financially independent now, so this don’t make me feel rich – but I’ve always felt “rich” because I never spent money before I had them so I wasn’t dependent on having to accept other people’s whims – because I hadn’t taken on financial commitments which meant that I actually had no influence on my own life – I’ve seen so many people break also cruel seriously because their commitments in house, car and everything else did they sat as if they were imprisoned – bound on the arms and legs, so they died of it some literally – but as I started things aren’t black or white – I try not to tell other what to do, I only know what works for me – and my family are happy… 😀

      • 🙂 and I am really happy to know that, I really am. If I am ever in doubt, I might take liberties to send you a private mail asking for advice, but I don’t want to abuse (also I don’t know how much you would charge 😉 )

        • No problems at all – I was born as danish jutlander, other danes say that we jutlanders doing business out of everything – that’s not true – we are world champions in friendly turns without money involved… 😀 😀

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